Mortgages Options For Newcomers Coming To Canada

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Immigrating to Canada is a big step, and starting a new life in Canada can be challenging. That’s why many banks and lenders offer mortgage options for new immigrants to help them get settled into their own homes. Trusted mortgage broker Boychuk Mortgage Group wants to help newcomers become aware of the various mortgage options for newcomers coming to Canada. 

As a newcomer, getting a mortgage in Canada can be difficult because of a lack of Canadian employment history and unestablished Canadian credit history. A newcomer mortgage is a special mortgage program offered by some banks in Canada for those new to Canada. They are designed to help newcomers get a mortgage even if they don’t meet the eligibility requirements for a regular mortgage. With a newcomer mortgage program, banks are more lenient on their eligibility requirements. To secure a new immigrant mortgage in Canada, you must meet some eligibility requirements. These factors will usually impact your ability to secure a mortgage and increase your chances of getting the best terms.

To be eligible for the new to Canada mortgage program, you must have immigrated to Canada within the last five years. You have to provide either international credit or an alternative source of good payment history (utilities, rent, insurance, etc.) You must be in Canada as a temporary or permanent resident. This means that you should be a permanent resident/landed immigrant or be a non-permanent resident with a work permit.

Whether you haven’t arrived in Canada yet or are already here, it’s never too early or late to start looking at your new immigrant mortgage options. Knowing the steps can help you prepare for your home search and being approved for a mortgage. Starting the process by knowing how much you can afford will help you when you start looking for a home. Understanding your mortgage affordability lets you make an informed choice and lets you plan ahead. You should try to build your Canadian credit history even before you decide that you want to buy a home. 

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