Credit FAQ’s

  • Can a Credit Check Severally Damage my Credit Score?
  • What are some Credit Tips?
  • How Do I Build My Credit?
  • Will a Pre-Approval Damage My Credit Score?
  • No
  • The more established your credit is, the less your score will be affected, if at all
  • When scores are slightly affected, it only temporary & bounces back quite quick
  • Make payments on time
  • Use less than 35% of your total limit
  • Increase your number of trade lines in which you can manage
  • Increase credit history length
  • Use different types of credit
  • Pay down high interest debt with low interest debt – I.E Your “Mortgage”

Use the 2-2-2 rule

  • 2 trade lines
  • $2,000 limit each
  • 2 years each minimum

Use each credit line & try not to carry 40% or more of your limit month over month without paying it down

  • With our pre-approvals, we only pull your credit one time to ensure maximum credit.
  • Credit reporter will also allow you to have a certain number of hard pulls per individual each calendar year, without hurting your overall credit score.
  • Checking your credit will not negatively affect your score unless you already have underlining credit concerns like late or missed payments.
  • In this case, your score will still not be impacted, and we can work with you to help establish stronger credit practices for your future.

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