How do you Benefit from Home Ownership?

Author: Boychuk Mortgage Group |

Principal Pay Down

  • Unlike your rent payment, mortgage payments include a principal component that otherwise brings your total monthly mortgage balance owing down and resulting in an increase of your equity.


  • Appreciation refers to the increase in your home’s value over time. Your value may increase for a number of reasons, including interest rate fluctuations, supply and demand, inflationary periods, and even due to emotional house shoppers.

Cash Flow

Whether you’ve purchased a stand-alone rental property or have a rental component to your home, this secondary source of income, ideally above and beyond your total monthly bills, provides great value. For Example

  • Rent = $2,500
  • Mortgage = $1,500
  • Expenses = $500
  • Cashflow = $500

Sweat Equity

  • Sweat equity refers to the physical improvement of upgrading your home through renovations.